About Us

About Us

Knowledge should be shared! Since 2008, the Writers Workshop has met every other week – as a forum for table reads, discussion, suggestions, constructive critique and education. Mike Boas and Wayne Coughlin run the group and participate with scripts of their own. They also offer offline script analysis on a limited basis.

Updated Meeting Times, Summer 2022

Rochester Writers Workshop is moving back to Tuesdays! Join us alternate Tuesday evenings at 6:30. See our Facebook Group for the latest meeting details, or check the calendar below.
Same Zoom link every time. Join the Zoom room here.

Meeting ID: 917 4190 1600
Passcode: 847917

A free Zoom account is required to join. Sign up at Zoom.us

Anyone can attend! If you’ve got script pages to share, get some feedback — bring 4 or 5 copies for a satisfying table read. If you’ve attended before, ask for the Dropbox credentials and you can share docs that way.

About the Screenwriters

Mike Boas is the owner/operator of Mad Dog Movies, a company dedicated to animation, film editing, and graphic design. His credits include the features Quentin Tarantino: The First Eight, Hero of the Underworld, That Guy Dick Miller, 3.14, and American Grindhouse, as well as numerous shorts and commercial projects.

Wayne Coughlin is the owner/operator of Blue Moon Films. After a successful run as an actor and director in theater, he founded Blue Moon Films in 1997 and began his journey as a screenwriter. In 2008, he directed his first film, Lifeline, and has written and directed many more since then. As an award winning director and screenwriter, he believes that it is his responsibility to share the knowledge he has gained through study and practice.

To contact Mike and Wayne, write to screenwriting AT rwwny DOT org