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Scriptitude 2022 Recording Now on Youtube

Scriptitude 2022 Recording Now on Youtube

The Rochester Association for Film Arts and Sciences is pleased to present this year’s Scriptitude winner, “Usurpation” by Rocket Ross. For this live online table read event, actors read the winning script, as well as a showcase of scripts from the Rochester Writers Workshop. We’d like to thank Script Studio for their continued sponsorship. Script Studio, the complete creative writing software package for screenwriters, playwrights and novelists. Check it out at https://www.Scriptstudio.Com.

Don’t miss the Scriptitude Live Online Event!

Don’t miss the Scriptitude Live Online Event!

The Rochester Association for Film Arts and Sciences is pleased to announce this year’s Scriptitude winner, “Usurpation” by Rocket Ross.

For our live online table read event on December 15, 2022, actors will read the winning script. The other scripts read this evening will be selections from members of the Rochester Writers Workshop.

Click for the live stream at


The Rochester Association for Film Arts & Sciences, Inc. (RAFAS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to independent film makers, high school students and college students that wish to improve their skills in all aspects of filmmaking and to create a sense of community and a platform for learning through special events.


Since 2008, the Writers Workshop has met every other week as a forum for table reads, discussion, suggestions, constructive critique and education.


Script Studio® is creative writing software for screenwriters, playwrights and novelists that helps you plan your story outline, develop characters, structure your narrative and professionally format your movie script, stage play, TV show or manuscript. Find out more at

RWW Educational Series: Reboot A TV Series

RWW Educational Series: Reboot A TV Series

See if you’ve got what it takes to write a TV Pilot! We’re turning the Rochester Writers Workshop into a writers’ room for several upcoming meetings. We plan to dedicate the first segment of our online get-togethers to a reboot challenge.

So far, we’ve decided on a show: GILLIGAN’S ISLAND. It can take place on the ocean, on an alien planet, whatever you like. It can be sitcom or drama, 22 minutes, 44 minutes, or other.

PREMISE: A disparate group of people – a microcosm – are stranded and must find ways to work together to survive. Their goal is to get home.

Set up who the characters are, and how they got stranded, and what is the nature of their new world. They must first struggle for food and shelter. What are th obstacles othat stand in the way of their goal? Ultimately, by the end of the first episode, they must move (perhaps in a small way) from being individuals to working as a team.

MESSAGE OF THE SHOW: Live together, die alone.

WHAT’S THE NEXT STEP? Write a one-page treatment in paragraph form, general thoughts on what will happen in the pilot script.

NEXT? Outline that first episode. What happens in each scene? Write it out in paragraph or bullet-point format.

We’ll be going over outlines in the next few weeks. It’s not too late to jump in!

The REBOOT A TV SERIES continues this week. Join the Zoom link here.

As always, we continue to welcome other original script pages to be read at meetings.

Screenwriting Mistakes to Avoid

Screenwriting Mistakes to Avoid

Here’s a good article from ISA Insider, a site I just discovered that has plenty of great screenwriting content. What are some things that will turn off a potential reader of your work? Writer Lee Jessup talks about passive protagonists, lacking character descriptions, over-written action, dialogue that becomes monologue, and other wrong moves.

Check it out at