Script-A-Palooza 2017 winners

Script-A-Palooza 2017 winners

Congrats to our Script-A-Palooza Winners!

We had a great time performing and seeing screenplays performed at the last general meeting of RAFAS (Rochester Association for Film Arts and Sciences). Overall, it’s always a great opportunity to share short subjects with the world and get actors, directors, and crew interested in your work. I’m looking forward to even more entries next year!

Got a desire to see your writing put to screen? Get some feedback at a RWW meeting and let RAFAS help match you with a cast and crew!

1st place:
“Time to Feed” by Curt Markham

2nd place:
“Biometrics” by Shawn Essler

3rd place:
“Mama Masta” by Joanne Casey

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