Scriptitude 2019 Wrap-Up

Scriptitude 2019 Wrap-Up

Thanks to everyone who attended our 2019 Scriptitude table read event at RIT! We had great performances and some valuable Q&A time with our winning screenwriters.

Photos by Noel Bastien

The short screenplays read were the following:

“The Frame-Up”by Patrick Harney
A wizened, young detective gets herself pulled into a dangerous squeeze-play while trying to locate her client’s lover.

“Homefulness”by Dan LaTourette
A father takes his ailing mother and spitfire son for a drive down memory lane… in a 1963 Studebaker.

“Someone”by Brian VanDenBergh (co-written by Nick Pasquarella)
After his appendix bursts, a young man is held hostage by the software technology employed to run his home.

Congratulations to Patrick, Dan, Brian, and Nick for their amazing scripts!

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