Structure in Marvel Movies

Structure in Marvel Movies

I’ve been watching a lot of Marvel movies lately (lots of rewatches before going into Avengers 3, plus Deadpool 2). These movies are confidently written, and I always feel at ease that whatever bad stuff happens in the story, it will be resolved in a satisfying way. “Satisfying” does not necessarily mean a happy conclusion, but one that feels logical and earned thematically.

As bonkers as the Deadpool movies are, the structure and the emotional journey are unmistakable. You can feel the gears click as they move from one act to the next. And even if Deadpool is a sarcastic son-of-a-gun, he has an arc in each film.

I did some searching online and found some interesting analysis of the first Avengers. One, a video essay about whether the first Avengers film works better as three acts or five acts…

… and also an article about tracking its plot against Blake Snyder’s Beat Sheet and John Truby’s Anatomy Of Story…

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