“Tarantino” Writing Challenge

“Tarantino” Writing Challenge

From Screenwriters Toolkit

1) Choose two businesses at random. Move two characters from Point A to
Point B by whatever means you invent. Invent a good reason for the
journey. Reveal that intent skillfully. If it’s huge, understate it. If it’s trivial,

2) Pick one of the following topics and write a dialogue scene between those
two characters, exploring and disputing the topic fully.

  • Standard shift vs. automatic transmission
  • Leaf blowers
  • Teeth
  • Class seating on airplanes
  • Vegetarianism
  • Paying for cable TV
  • Burning CDs
  • Any other mundane topic in the world.

As in every good scene, use the interchange not only to explore the issue,
but in doing so, reveal who the characters are, individually and in their
relationship to each other.

3) Orchestrate part 2 into part 1 and write a sequence of scenes.

Dowload the PDF: Tarantino Exercise

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